June Production Update | The Hype is Real-ish...

Jun 9th 2021

Eat Sheep, a CG Cookie powered short film, is looking to be our largest undertaking since the original Eat Sheep game back in 2012.

With the backing of Epic's MegaGrant, we've been able to build a proper team of humans to take on this task. Things are beginning to move.

Let's get into what's been happening on planet Eat Sheep, and share some tasty production insights.


We have a script! Not just any script, the script. ;) A jammed-packed creative snippet of time from the lives of Melvin and Cale: the origin story, struggles they face, and Melvin's love for hot bologna pie. Joseph Trohman joined the team earlier this year and was able to articulate an entertaining, emotional slice I cannot wait to see on screen.

Being a Blender-focused project, Paul Caggegi joined the team to give a fresh coat of paint to our existing characters, and visualize Joe's script with storyboards created with Grease Pencil in Blender! How freak'n cool! #blendernerdingout


Production-wise, this should set us up for a smooth transition from boards to story reel. Leaning on the native ability of Blender to have some fun seeing the boards in motion.



While the team behind CG Cookie is sprinkled with game development and feature film experience, we realize starting a short film & or studio from the ground up is a whole other bag of tricks. 😅

This has been the driving reason to seek the help of Orange Turbine: help establish our custom production pipelines, explore any gotchas and ensure it all scales to a team of 15-20 people 100% distributed around this pale blue dot.

Stay tuned for more production updates here on the blog, and or drop your email below to get the newsletter.


p.s. We're still hunting for a few humans to join the team. Check out the open positions on this post. 


Wes Burke

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