Eat Sheep Production Updates

Production is hard, we're sharing our stories and progress through the films development.

July Update | Boards are done, onward with production!
Iterating on established characters is a challenge. Let's take a look at the work going into our heroes of Eat Sheep.
Designing the Wrangler's Cottage
When it comes to getting concepts down on paper, there is only one rule: how quickly can you create a clear illustration given the tools at your disposal?
Building a workflow | Finding one that works for us.
Developing our pipeline has proven to be much harder than I anticipated, though there is light at the end of the pipe!
August Production Update | It's becoming real
The talented Lucas Falcao joins the team, along with Jon Denning as Technical Director, with storyboards coming to life.
June Production Update | The Hype is Real-ish...
With a script completed, Paul Cagaggi joins the Eat Sheep team to hit the ground with illustrations and storyboards.
The team is starting to take shape!
We're working on building a team that not only has mad skills but also is passionate about creating something memorable for the community.

The crew behind CG Cookie is excited to be working on the next project within the Eat Sheep universe.

We're setting out to create a five minute animated short using the Unreal Game Engine while documenting the process along the way. Creating a curated curriculum available on CG Cookie.