The Eat Sheep Adventure Continues!

Feb 2nd 2021

The journey starts

Thanks to the Epic MegaGrant, our friends Melvin and Cal are going on another adventure. An unlikely friendship that began in 2012 with an iPad game, Eat Sheep, our first CG Cookie studio project. 


Now we're ready to make some Unreal-tasting Cookies! 🍪

Our goal with this project is to cement the connection between the two creative powerhouses, UE4 and Blender.

With the help of the Unreal Mega Grant, we’ll set out to create two awesome things; a memorable real-time animated short in UE4 and Blender, and an in-depth online curriculum teaching the global UE4 and Blender communities how we did it, from start to finish. 

The animated short: 

The short will tell a story of two goofy, loveable characters saving the world (what else?) in a fun, cartoon-style format. Sharing the final animation on CG Cookie’s Youtube Channel. 


We're doing it right by bringing on some familiar faces to the team and some new ones. Stay tuned for team announcements. 

The education:

The series of training courses will teach learners how to create a real-time animated short, pairing Unreal with Blender. The course will be structured like a real-time production workflow in an engaging edutainment style.

To make the course easy and fun to consume, it will follow a guided path or learning flow with multiple courses, each containing bite-sized, engaging lessons, and exercises to complete along the way and cement the learners’ new UE4 skills.

The learning flow will reside on available to CG Cookie Citizen subscribers, with active involvement from our instructors who will answer questions from users and give them individual exercise feedback over the months to come. 


The success of this project will spark the ovens at CG Cookie to continue expanding our UE4/Blender offering to the Blender community. In the future, UE4 will become an increasingly important part of our course offerings on the site

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Wes Burke

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